Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Foray Into Thread Art

Last night I decided to make a small purse for my granddaughter. I made her one a few months back and she carries it around everyday and has literally worn it out.

The pattern suggested either simple quilting or free motion quilting since it's such a small piece of fabric.

I put the three layers together and was going to do some free motion quilting but instead ended up using some of the decorative stitches on my Bernina and did some simple couching. After I finished the decorative stitches, I serged the four sides so it will look nice when it's all put together.

Wow - it was a ton of fun! Nothing fancy, mind you, but I enjoyed it and can't wait to get home and try again on another small piece of fabric for another purse. It's a beautiful piece of batik fabric which just begged me to practice this technique and I think it worked together nicely for this project.

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