Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Free Motion Quilting Practice

I finished the Humbug Bag (pattern by McKenna Linn) I started yesterday. It turned out really cute. It's kind of big so I'll keep it for myself and make smaller bags for my granddaughters.

I cut out blocks for a couple more bags and did some free motion quilting just for fun. Tonight I didn't feel like change the thread colors and looking for different stitches, so I practiced some stippling, leaves, and random circles.

Here are two blocks with free motion quilting. It is hard to see because I used a thread that blended instead of a thread that contrasted.

Since these blocks are smaller than my first one (about the size of a regular piece of paper), it's very easy to sandwich them together quickly and practice new techniques. I still want to do some more couching and thread deco on one of the blocks, but it can wait until later.

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